Palmetto GBA’s J11 Medical Affairs department revised the following LCDs:

 LCD Title  LCD ID Number
Cardiac Output Measurement Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance L31586
Cardiac Rehabilitation L32872
Colonscopy/Sigmoidoscopy/Proctosigmoidoscopy L31549
Magnetic Resonance Angiography L31590
Retroperitoneal Ultrasound L31601


To view this LCD, go to the LCDs and NCDs Web page under the Medical Policies section of the J11 Part A website. Choose the active link located under your appropriate state. Select the ‘Active LCDs’ under the ‘Document types to further refine your search by:’ section and then select the Submit button. The LCDs are listed in alphabetical order. Please share with your staff and review this information for your future references.

LCD cardiac rehab 9-2013