NCCRA Board Updates

The NCCRA is excited to welcome new members.  First, our new discipline chairs, Connie Paladenech, Dr.  Sandra Freeman and Lisa Warren.

Connie is director of the cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and will serve as the Respiratory Discipline chairperson.

Dr. Sandra Freeman is a psychiatrist volunteering in the UNC cardiac rehab program. Dr. Freeman will chair the Mental Health Discipline

Lisa Warren, RN, MSN, MHA is manager of Iredell Health Systems cardiac rehab program. Lisa will chair the Nursing Discipline.

The  board of directors recently voted to add a new position to the board.   Taylor Stroud, BS and Candace Langston, BS are both graduate students at UNCC and have been selected as the first student board members.   They will represent the perspective of the student.  We would also like to welcome the new NCCRA secretary – Mary Ann Compton, MA, ACSM-CES for UNC Cardiac Rehab.

Thank you to all new and current board members, committee members and discipline chairs for their dedication and commitment to the NCCRA.