AACVPR Needs Help from North Carolina CR/PR programs

Dear AACVPR Affiliate and Advocacy Leaders,

It’s time for a good news update and home-stretch action on your part. Senate bill S.488 is in good position with 16 co-sponsors and the strength of Senators Crapo and Schumer behind it.

It is critical that we focus attention on the companion U.S. House bill, HR 3355, which needs to gain similar support. AACPR has been working with ACC and AHA toward this goal. ACC and AHA have staff who’ve been joining us in promoting this bill to U.S. House Ways & Means committee staffers and with staff in the offices of W & M members. AACVPR must now bring the most important piece-the request from constituents to sponsor HR 3355.

At DOTH 2015, Paul Ryan (R-WI), W & M Chair, said he’s committed to getting this bill passed before the end of the year. For that to happen, he needs support from his Republican and Democrat committee members.

The good news:

1. Our bill made the first cut on a list of 66 member priorities for a hospital package currently being developed.
2. W & M staff have indicated the CBO score of $211 million over 10 years is minimal and NOT a barrier to inclusion in this larger vehicle.

How you can help:

1. George Holding (R-13th) needs to hear from constituent professionals and programs in his district. Those individuals are listed on the attached excel spreadsheet (“Ways and Means Committee Members – AACVPR Constituents,” listed by state).

2. Please seek the action from these professionals to do the following:

a. Call the Capitol Hill office and ask to speak with the person who is in charge of health care issues for North Carolina

b. Or, if you prefer, make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting in the local office

c. Review the AACVPR Advocacy DOTH web page prior to your call or appointment and use the attached Talking Points to make your case for support: https://www.aacvpr.org/Advocacy/Advocacy-Day-on-the-Hill

d. ASK for sponsorship of this bill!
** Know that “support” does not always translate to “signature”. Mr. Ryan needs names on the bill.

e. Ask what time frame would be preferred for you to follow-up (one week or two weeks) and DO FOLLOW-UP

3. If you think a preparatory conference call is needed in order for constituent practitioners to take this step, let me know-we’ll put one together!

4. Please keep me informed of actions taken so there’s continued coordination with ACC and AHA.

1. HR 3355-bill text (pdf)
2. Supervision of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services-Document for Congressional Offices (pdf)
3. Talking Points for HR 3355
4. Ways & Means Committee Members list-by state and district
5. Ways & Means Committee Members – AACVPR constituents
6. Dear Colleague Letter from bill co-introducers, Jenkins & Lewis

Best regards,

Karen Lui, RN, MS
(p) 770-531-9298
(DC) 703-752-4353
(f) 678-928-9635


Help Improve Access to Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Supervision of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services updated 8 3 15

Talking Points for HR3355_8-5-15

Ways and Means Committee members – AACVPR constituents

Ways and Means Committee members by district and state