Symposium follow up items

We hope that enjoyed this year’s virtual symposium.  There were a few follow up items that we wanted to include that were discussed during the event:

  1.  Article mentioned by Dr. Crouch’s session titled:  AACVPR Guidelines for Pulmonary Rehabilitation 2020-2021: What’s New?
    jama_lindenauer_2020_oi_200034 (1)    jama_rochester_2020_ed_200025
  2. Patient education sheets mentioned by Dr. Sears during his talk entitied: Walk This Way! Psychological Benefits of Exercise in the Cardiac Rehab Setting
    af pt page
    chf 2013 confidence pt page
    coping with trauma pt page 2013
    icd spouse patient page 2009
    pt page covid
    pt page shock
    sexual health and icd 2010
    sexual health with CAD 2014
  3. Dr. King’s slides for his talk entitled: Fundamentals of PAD Rehab: “The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step-Tao”
    PAD slides