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Jurisdiction 11 Part A

J11 North Carolina Part A Welcome Letter and Accelerated Implementation Guide

Palmetto GBA is pleased to be your contractor for the new J11 A/B MAC. We anticipate a smooth J11 North Carolina Part A implementation. Because of our existing relationship and the lengthy delay in the contract award, Palmetto GBA will operate on an accelerated cutover schedule in order to meet critical Medicare goals. Please check out the ‘J11 North Carolina Part A Welcome Letter’ (PDF, 70 KB) and ‘Accelerated Implementation Guide’ (PDF, 43 KB) for North Carolina Part A providers. This implementation applies to services billed on the UB-04 / 837I from North Carolina Part A providers currently billing Palmetto GBA. Other J11 A/B MAC providers will receive information about their implementation over the next several months. The Contractor/Payer ID is valid until September 29. Starting on September 30, you can start using the new Contractor/Payer ID. There is a 60-day grace period during which the old Contractor/Payer ID will still be accepted.

// last updated on 09/21/2010