Nutrition Discipline meeting at NCCRA 3-2014

Topics discussed in Nutrition Discipline meeting at NCCRA

Date:  03/14/2014

Attendees:  Liz Watt, John Lamberson; Anju Agarwahl; Allison Garner; Dawn Farmer; Yvonne Smith; Laurie Ross; Toni Cox


  1. Lipids
    1. What are current guidelines

LDL <70

  1. Does your facility do blood draw or do you use latest from hospital chart

If lipids drawn in hospital within 90 days, some facilities will use those lipids

Some facilities will do blood draw; some facilities don’t have a lab available

  1. Grams of fat recommended

Saturated fat: 15g/day for males; 12g/day for females

  1. Nutrition Assessment
    1. What tools are used

New Leaf; 3 day food record; diet habit survey

  1. Other nutrition offerings

Recipe of the week

Breakfast treats during CR week in February

  1. Classes and Education offered
    1. What is offered/covered by insurance

Education offered 1 time/month

Education class offered at beginning of enrollment

Mediterranean diet encouraged with patients; weight loss; portion control; reading food labels

  1. Charting
    1. Paper vs. electronic medical record

Some have paper, some have electronic medical records

  1. Glucose Monitoring
    1. What are facilities doing

Check glucose pre/post exercise for DM for first 6 visits

If BG >300, no exercise

Why 300?  Possibly AACVPR guidelines?