Meet the Discipline chairs

Dr. Matt Whited
Psychology Discipline Chair





Tell us what led you to run for the position on the NCCRA Board of Directors

I’m involved with AACVPR conference planning and I have a great group of mental health colleagues in that organization, so I leapt at the opportunity to make connections like that closer to home.

Please provide a bio highlighting special training, skills or hobbies that you bring to your profession and the board of directors.  Please focus on the professional qualifications and strengths

I’m a clinical health psychologist, so my strengths lie in helping people improve their health behaviors and ameliorating any mental health factors that are interfering with making changes in health behaviors. I am a faculty member at East Carolina University and much of my work centers around research and training of future doctoral-level health psychologists. I’m partnered with my local CVPR (at ECU Health in Greenville formerly Vidant Medical Center) where we provide psychosocial support and education to patients. We’re also experimenting with innovative treatments to increase patient success with CVPR.

Describe the direction that you would like NCCRA to take in the future and what part you would like to take in that journey

I would like to continue to expand the role of mental health care in facilitating CVPR attendance and engagement.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy fishing quite a bit, especially with friends and family. I also do a bit of woodworking on the side.