Virtual Lobbying Tool utilization rate for North Carolina is 34% – We can do better than that!

Updated 12/3/2019

Okay NC Cardiopulmonary Rehab programs we have some work to do!  The virtual lobbying tool has been out for over a month and North Carolina has only a 34% participation rate.  Although this puts us at the average rate of participation we know that we can do better than that!  Please participate and spread the word to your staff, physicians, administrators and supportive patients!


October 28, 2019

As you know we have been presenting information about legislation to correct “Site of Service” concerns for cardiac and pulmonary rehab.

There is now  a HOUSE bill # 4838, the SOS “Sustaining Outpatient Services” Bill.  We need your help to create a BIG push to contact our Congressmen/women to get this bill passed.  This ask is not just for those programs that are directly impacted by this but by all programs that offer CVP Rehab.  If something impacts one of us, it impacts all of us!

Please read the attachment that is included so you can understand what the site of service legislative priority means.

AACVPR created a Virtual Lobby Tool that is very easy and quick.  You will be able to put in your required
information to contact your HOUSE representative, edit/individualize a HR 4838 request, and click to send to your legislator.

virtual lobbying tool

We want your help to make this go viral!!  Please engage your physicians, hospital administration, patients and staff; the virtual tool has a template letter for each group.

WE WANT VOLUME and need your help to create it!

We have a short window, so when you hear from us again, the Virtual tool will be live and then IT’S TIME TO ACT!!

We need this bill correction to allow our programs to survive and thrive.  CMS is already threatening to “un-grandfather” us and then we
will be reimbursed about 1/2 of what we get now.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Stacey Greenway ( or Betsy Land (Young)

Thanks for your help in making this a priority!!

Site of Service Legislative Priority 10-2019