Join us in our first annual Pulmonary Rehab Challenge in celebration of Pulmonary Rehab week!

Our first challenge is an Individual Staff Fitness Challenge.  Who can do the most “sit to stand” reps in 1 minute? We will be accepting submissions from all Pulmonary rehab staff between March 13-19th.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided based on any extra creativity/flair they add to the challenge 🙂 The winner gets a $25 gift card!! 

Please post a pic and tell us how many reps you completed to our NCCRA Facebook page! Simply search for NCCRA on Facebook, click “Like”, and then post! Entries will appear in the Community section. If no one on your team has access to Facebook, you can email Bridget Way at and we’ll post for you. Any staff member can enter! 

Our second challenge is a Team Challenge.  Which facility has the most creative Pulmonary Week celebration? This could include decorations, the best game for patients, or creative educational activities!! Anything you want to do to celebrate both staff and patients during the week 🙂 The winning facility will get some awesome 2022 Pulmonary Rehab swag! Please post a picture and a short description onto our Facebook page.

We hope that you will join us in some friendly Pulmonary rehab competition!!