It’s time to act and we need everyone’s involvement in October

It’s time to act and we need everyone’s involvement!
A simple phone call can secure the future of Cardiopulmonary Rehab for your program or other programs in your state.
The more calls that a House member receives, the higher the chances that we will have this bill move forward this year. Everyone’s input helps.
You can use this script to make it easier:
Converse With Your U.S. Representatives Over the Phone
A brief phone call to your US Representative’s DC office is also very powerful to express your support for HR 3348 and HR 1956.
It is a very simple message:
Share your name, where you live and where you work
Ask for support of these two bills
HR 3348 to allow adequate reimbursement for ALL cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs, whether on or off campus,
HR 1956 to increase access to cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs by allowing non-physician practitioners to order and supervise these services beginning in January 2022.
Explain why both bills are important to you
HR 1956 increases access beginning in 2022 to medically directed, life-saving cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs by reducing delay to enrollment and allowing professional practitioners to order and supervise these services. The Access to Quality Cardiac Rehabilitation Care Act of 2021 simply moves up the enactment date from 2024 so people can get started with the life-saving treatment they need now.
HR3348 will allow program locations that are more accessible to patients and offer larger capacity to provide these services to more patients
Contact or 52-847-9146 to find out the direct number to your representative’s office.
Are you in district 1, 8 or 13 your involvement is especially important because Rep Butterfield, Hudson and Budd serve on committees that are important to this process?
12 Adams, Alma (202) 225-1510
9 Bishop, Dan 202-225-1976
13 Budd, Ted 202-225-4531
1 Butterfield, G.K. (202) 225-3101
5 Foxx, Virigina 202-225-2071
8 Hudson, Richard 202-225-3715
3 Murphy, Greg (202) 225-3415
10 McHenry, Patrick (202) 225-2576
4 Price, David 202-225-1784
7 Rouzer, David 202-225-2731
2 Ross, Deborah (202) 225-3032
6 Manning, Kathy (202) 225-3065
11 Cawthorn, Madison (202) 225-6401