Take the Clinical Exercise Physiologist Association Salary Survey!

The Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA), an affiliate society of ACSM, is conducting this survey that is specific for those working in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Here is a link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=ZYzH8xOKVdlqMuUJXM_2fJ3A_3d_3d

The survey will capture important employment information specifically related to the clinical exercise physiologist including salary, scope of work, clientele, and job responsibilities.

CEPA is distributing the survey to practicing clinical exercise physiologists via a number of avenues, as a result, it is likely that some people may receive the survey multiple times.

They ask that you complete the survey only once, but please share either the CEPA website (www.cepa-acsm.org) and select “click here to complete salary survey” or share the following link with other clinical exercise physiologists who may not have received it: http://www.surveymk.com//s.aspx?sm=jYFKQ_2fREj0r_2b9hWUOEFQcQ_3d_3d

Everyone completing the survey who provides their email address will be entered into a drawing to win a free registration for a CEPA webinar or a free copy of Clinical Exercise Physiology, 3rd ed. by Ehrman, Gordon, Visich, and Keteyian.