Congratulations to one of the NCCRA Greats! Sue Seymour

We recently received the following message to one of the NCCRA Greats!

After over 52 years in nursing and 42 years in Cardiac Rehab, I am hanging up my cap or in this case my work running shoes.  I will officially retire on 11/12/20.  It has been quite a ride!  Thank you to all my NCCRA friends and the support you have given me through these many years.  It has been a pleasure to have been a part of the development of NCCRA.  Our networking helped us all to survive the early years of DHS certification and Rule writing.  There was such a sharing of information and support and it continues today.  I have to admit I miss visiting programs across the State on the review team and seeing the wonderful work that is being done.  My Life Time Achievement Award is a cherished possession.  Thank you for the honor and thanks for the memories.  May God bless you and hope to see you at the State convention in the future.

Love to all,
Sue Seymour

Congratulations Sue on your retirement!  Thank you for all your contributions to our field and our organization!  We wish you the best!🎉