Final Reminder – deadlines are approaching for membership and symposium registration

Continuing Education Opportunity – earn CEUs!!

 Greetings, NCCRA!  This is a final reminder to register for the 41st NCCRA Annual Symposium…deadlines are approaching!

NCCRA membership deadline (to get discount code for the symposium):  Friday, April 23

Symposium registration deadline: Monday, April 26

Home Health and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation services

Did you know?
Patients can receive home health services at the same time as being enrolled in cardiopulmonary rehab. As stated by Karen Lui from AACVPR:
“Beneficiaries may leave the home for medical reasons, such as CR or PR services, and still be homebound if leaving requires a considerable and taxing effort. CR and PR are physician services so are excluded from HH consolidated billing rules. In addition, the procedure codes used for CR and PR do not conflict with HH codes because they are for different medical reasons (i.e., diagnoses). “
For more information you can go to:
Services included in the bundled services of HH:  HHCB_db_4-1-2019

41st Annual NC Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Symposium: Moving Forward Together

Dear Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Professional:

It’s time to get registered for the 41st Annual NC Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Symposium: Moving Forward Together in Cardiac, Pulmonary and Vascular Rehabilitation

We are excited to share this great educational opportunity that will enhance your rehab practice!

The symposium will be held over two days:  Tuesday, April 27th from 12:30—5:15 and Tuesday, May 4th from 12:30-5:15  (Log-in at 12:15)

2021 Virtual Mtg Brochure

2021 Symposium Cost:

NCCRA members $20 per day

Non NCCRA members $50 per day

People who renewed their NCCRA membership this year will receive an email containing a discount code that will used when you register for the symposium.  This discount code is a membership benefit and we ask you do not share it with others.
Membership registration must be completed by April 22nd in order to receive the discount code for the symposium


Symposium registration:

To register through the EAHEC registration page, you must create a MyAHEC account or use an existing one if you have it.  A flowchart of this registration process can be found here MyAHECAccountInstructions

The link above takes you directly to the Registration page for the program and you will have the option to choose which session or sessions you would like to attend.

Symposium registration must be completed by noon on 4/26  

We are excited for the event and we hope that you are too!

Thank you Lisa Warren for your service to NCCRA

We would like to take a moment to thank Lisa Warren for her service to the NCCRA as the Nursing Discipline chair.

Lisa is stepping down as discipline chair after serving for the last six years!

Lisa – we appreciate your dedication to the NCCRA and the field of cardiopulmonary rehab.

If you are interested in serving as the Nursing Discipline chair please email Jennifer Simmons at Jennifer Simmons (current NCCRA president) or Butch DeBoever (Executive Director)

Celebrating a CVP rehab milestone! Let us help you celebrate!

NCCRA Membership Drive

During 2020 the NCCRA Board made the decision not to hold our annual membership drive.  Despite the financial impact that this decision had on the organization, we wanted to acknowledge and honor the effect that COVID19 had on our membership and their hospitals. 

2021 brings a new year and we hope, a fresh start!  Despite the pandemic our mission has remained the same.  We have continued to support our membership, profession and patients and we hope you will plan on showing your support of that mission by becoming a member in 2021.  The financial stability of our organization relies heavily on our membership dues.  This year the membership drive will occur ahead of the annual symposium due to the move to a virtual event through Eastern AHEC.  The NCCRA membership registration and payment will be handled through the website.  If you decided to attend the symposium, that payment will be handled through the EAHEC website.  We look forward to sharing more details about the engaging virtual symposium being planned for April 27th and May 4th.  NCCRA members will be eligible to attend the symposium at a discounted rate.

The cost for NCCRA membership is $50 and payments can be made by check or through Paypal.  Even if you pay by check, please don’t forget to complete your membership application at

Please contact any of your Board members if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support,


Updates to the Palmetto LCD for Respiratory therapy

Have you seen it?  The Palmetto LCD for Respiratory therapy now has COVID19 (or J12.82 Pneumonia due to coronavirus disease 2019) as a diagnosis that is covered.  Such great news!

NCCRA Symposium 2021

2021 Virtual Symposium

Small Vessel Heart Disease

Have you seen this great picture?  Former NCCRA President Mike Dunlap uses to educate his patients about small vessel disease.  Here is what he shares with them:

Small vessel disease is a condition in which the walls of the small arteries in the heart are damaged. The condition causes signs and symptoms of heart disease, such as chest pain (angina).

Small vessel disease is sometimes called coronary microvascular disease or small vessel heart disease. It’s often diagnosed after a doctor finds little or no narrowing in the main arteries of your heart, despite your having symptoms that suggest heart disease.

Small vessel disease is more common in women and in people who have diabetes or high blood pressure. The condition is treatable but can be difficult to detect.  The large vessels in your heart can become narrowed or blocked through a condition in which fatty deposits build up in the arteries (atherosclerosis).

In small vessel disease, damage to the small vessels affects their ability to expand (endothelial dysfunction). As a result, your heart doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood.  “Mayo Clinic Website”

This photo of the thousands of blood vessels in the heart really drives home the point that the potential for CAD doesn’t lie just in the major coronary arteries.  We have this photo as our background on our classroom TV/computer screen.  Whenever we have an education class, our patients see this photo.  I hope it motivates them to take more responsibility in preventing the progression of their CAD.  I’m quick to tell patients that if they already have disease in the major arteries of the heart, what are the chances you don’t also have small vessel disease.  And we remind them that regular cardiorespiratory exercise is one of the best ways to treat this.

Thanks Mike!  What educational tools or teaching points do you use with your patients.  Please share with us!

NCCRA Survey

We would like your feedback as we make future plans for our annual meeting. Please complete this survey and forward the link to others that work within CVP rehab in our state. We appreciate your participation!