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Featured News

It’s time to act and we need everyone’s involvement in October

It's time to act and we need everyone's involvement! A simple phone call can secure the future of Cardiopulmonary Rehab for your program or other programs in your state. The more calls that a House member receives, the higher the chances that we will have this bill move forward this year. Everyone's input helps. You can use this script to make it easier: Converse With Your U.S. [...]
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Upcoming educational opportunities through AACVPR

There are some great educational opportunities presented through AACVPR that we don't want you to miss! Delivering Effective Patient Education In On-Site and Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation Thursday, September 16 | 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. CT | Virtual Presented By: Crystal Aultman, MSc, R.Kin, OCT; Gabriela Melo Ghisi, PhD, PT; Paul Oh, MD, MScm FRCPC, FACP; Melissa Yan, MPH You’re invited! In [...]
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Updates on the DHHS Cardiac Rehab license renewal process

  If you are looking for your email from DHHS about your Cardiac rehab license renewal please see the latest information that we received: "Cardiac Rehab has been delayed until the end of September.  Hopefully, if all continues to go well – we should have the online renewals ready for you at that time."   [...]
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AHRQ TAKEheart cardiac rehabilitation initiative

The American Hospital Association (AHA) is actively recruiting hospitals and health systems to join the AHRQ TAKEheart cardiac rehabilitation initiative. This national initiative provides individualized technical assistance, coaching, and step-by-step training on implementing automatic referral with care coordination - a proven means of increasing cardiac rehabilitation among eligible patients. [...]
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NC Medicaid Managed Care plans and NCCRA

As you may be aware the NC Medicaid Managed Care plans kicked off on July 1st.  We wanted to share some information about cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab coverage for these plans but encouraged you to contact your business office regarding your organizations participation with each plan. In contacting United Healthcare Community Care for a patient we were told that both Cardiac [...]
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