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Featured News


Take the AACVPR CCRP Exam in March at the 2015 NCCRA Symposium!

Save the date! The 2015 NCCRA Symposium will take place on March 5-6 in Chapel Hill, at the UNC Friday Center for Continuing Education. The Symposium agenda and registration information will be available soon at Take the AACVPR CCRP Exam in March at the 2015 NCCRA Symposium! The Certified Cardiac Rehab Professional (CCRP) exam will be offered at the NCCRA Symposium! [...]
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AACVPR Health and Public Policy Committee needs your help

The AACVPR Health and Public Policy Committee is working to identify payors with unacceptable co-pays for cardiac and / or pulmonary rehabilitation. The committee developed a questionnaire in an effort to collect data for identification of “excessive” copays by patients who are members of Medicare Advantage plans. If you are interested in completing this short questionnaire please contact Stacey [...]
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ADR Response Time Increased to 45 Day   Looks like we now have 45 days to respond to ADRs instead of the previous 30 days. [...]
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Pulmonary Rehab videos from Palmetto

Video from the Palmetto education that took place on October 16th, 2014   Pulmonary Rehabilitation Video Please view the first video in the Palmetto GBA Health Information Supply Chain (HISC) Series. This video series will focus on the services with the highest billing and documentation errors. This video focuses on Pulmonary [...]
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We would like to welcome (back) our Moutain Region VP – Yvonne Smith!

Thank you Yvonne for your dedication and interest in the NCCRA. [...]
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