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Featured News

Legislative/Reimbursement Updates

SET Draft LCD As you know Palmetto released a draft LCD for Supervised Exercise training on May 17th.  The comment period ran through July 19th and we are now waiting on their final decision.  Responses were provided to Palmetto from many organizations and groups including NCCRA and AACVPR.  We will communicate the final LCD as soon as we know it's available. Response to SET draft [...]
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Mark Your Calendars

We know how quickly your calendars fill up so please make note of the following upcoming meetings: NCCRA Pulmonary discipline Meeting Tuesday, July 31st from 9-12 Location:  High Point Regional Meeting (more details to follow soon) For more information please contact Connie ( Directions:  Pulmonary meeting 2018 North Carolina Thoracic Society’s 30-day COPD [...]
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Program Updates on the Website

Please make sure that you have a representative from your program review the information on the website.  Let us know if there have been any changes to contact information, location, or contact person.  We have also had a recent request to include fax numbers if possible.  Thank you!! [...]
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The OIG (Office of Inspector General) has released a 2019 Work Plan that includes an audit of Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation (CR/PR) services

Be aware that the OIG does not necessarily follow through on all audits included in the Work Plan but we want you to be aware. A previous OIG audit of cardiac rehabilitation, mentioned in the above link, was conducted in 2015. It reviewed one hospital in New Jersey [...]
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LCD Draft for SET

  On May 17th Palmetto released their LCD draft for the SET (supervised exercise therapy) for the PAD population.  The open response period for comments is June 4 through July 19th.  Some of the NCCRA Board members met on Friday to discuss the draft and organize some suggestions and clarification on certain items such as frequency of MD signatures.  We, as an organization, plan to submit [...]
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