2023 NCCRA Membership


2023 NCCRA Membership fees are $50/yr. Membership will run from our annual symposium to the following annual symposium.

If you are paying by check (your own or your hospital’s), choose the “Pay by check” option at the beginning of the registration form, and then mail your payment to:

P.O. Box 6054
Hickory, NC 28603.

If your organization will be paying for multiple memberships with one check, please make sure that each person completes the online registration process and that you fill out the attached Department Invoice. (the invoice will be attached soon)



Membership Benefits


NCCRA promotes the cardiovascular and pulmonary profession. Obtaining/retaining reimbursement will provide a more stable future for all cardiac and pulmonary professionals.  NCCRA will continue to work with congressmen/congresswomen to promote Medicare reimbursement for our services.


NCCRA offers credibility and visibility for both programs and practitioners.  Messages for and about NCCRA programs and practitioners carry more weight than if they are perceived to be generated locally.

AACVPR Liaisons

Members of NCCRA serve on a variety of AACVPR committees. We have input into national issues!


Easy access to other members across the region (available in the future members only section of the website). Share ideas and problem solve with fellow NCCRA members.


The website contains local and national news updates. Regional, board and symposium minutes will be available to those who are unable to attend the chapter meetings. The Job Listings section is available for members only. You can ask questions of other facilities in the region through the future Message Board. Visit the My NCCRA section of the website to take advantage of a list of resources on a variety of related topics.


Contact members of the NCCRA board for help in finding answers to your questions about issues affecting cardiac and pulmonary rehab.


CEUs are available by attending the annual NCCRA symposium and offered at approved regional meetings.