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CMS documents updated 04-2018

LCD Cardiac Rehab March 2018 Pulmonary Rehab LCD Jan 2018 SET decision memo

Updated NCCRA bylaws


Referral network for Central Carolina

This brochure was created for physician in Central Carolina and provided by Debbie Scotten. Please feel free using if you would like. NC-CR-Referral-Network-brochure-draft

Links to Free Patient Educational Materials

We are always looking for different ways to educate and inform our patients.  Here are some links that may assist you:  

ACC/AACVPR Position Stand on Medical Director responsibilities in Outpatient cardiac rehab

See the attached position statement… position statement on medical director responsibilities

Universal Cardiac Rehab referral

Betty Matteson at UNC Chapel Hill has sent us the most updated version of the universal cardiac rehab referral that they are using. Please check it out and see if it will work for your program. PROVIDER REFERRAL FOR CR 4 7 2012 FINAL Cardiac Rehab Order page 2 – request for release of information […]

Pharmacists – Our Most Underutilized Healthcare Professionals

Great article! Pharmacists – Our Most Underutilized Healthcare Professionals

ACSM Position stand on Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults


Risk Stratification for Cardiac Rehab

This is a great resource that Carl King referenced at the NCCRA symposium. Risk Stratification for Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Pulmonary Toolkit

See the attached document to learn how to work with your hospital & hopefully improve reimbursement for G0424 in the future! pr_toolkit